The demasked forest witch is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


This witch went to attack the travelling inquisitor; she is one of the witches that attacked the villagers.


The witch is a boss creature, having 15000 hit points, 2500 might attack (melee), 1500 might retaliation, 8 initiative and 4 speed (walking). She also has 30% darkness, -30% prime and 80% siege resistances. In addition, the unmasked forest witch casts this ability:

  • Draining Nova - Deals Darkness Magic Damage in an area around the Target Stack and heals the attacker for some of that Damage.
    Resurrects fallen Creatures.
    • Life Steal - 50%
    • Darkness Magic Damage - 2500
    • Attack Range - 4
    • Effect Radius - 1
    • Cooldown - 3 rounds


  • Forest Witch: The hero has to defeat the witch and her forces, while also protecting the inquisitor.


The demasked forest witch appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.