Delnar was a Battle Mage and antagonist in the Slart's Fjord scenario of the Masters of Magic campaign from The Gathering Storm. Taking possession over the Archmages' Hat, an artifact once worn by the great Archmage Nevar, he proclaimed himself Master of Order Magic.


Delnar is a Level 10 Battle Mage, equipped with the Archmage's Hat, the Elven Chain Mail and Staff of Wizardry. He is skilled in Advanced Combat, Master Order Magic, Expert Enchantment and Expert Wizardry.

Delnar knows the Banish, Blind, Blur, Cowardice , Dispel, Displacement, Flight, Forgetfulness, Hypnotize, Ice Bolt, Magic Fist, Mass Blur, Mass Dispel, Mass Precision, Mass Slow, Phantom Image, Power Drain, Precision, Slow, Spell Shackle, Steal All Enchantments, Steal Enchantment, Teleport, Town Gate and Visions spells.

Since the map's objective is to acquire the Archmage's Hat, and Delnar is wearing it, he must be battled and defeated.


Delnar was one of the five mages that took possession over one of the artifacts once worn by Nevar. After obtaining the powerful Archmage's Hat, he self-proclaimed him as Master of Order Magic.

When Hexis's rise to power threatened the entire Devonshire, the Archmage Bohb embarked on a quest to assemble all five of Nevar's lost artifacts so he could use them against the crazed Wizard. With the aid of his Barbarian adventuring partner Violet, he successfully defeated Delnar and retrieved the Hat from him.

Delnar resided in Slart's Fjord, an icy waste located near Rimefrost Forest.

In-game biographyEdit

"Self-proclaimed Master of Order Magic."


Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm