The dasher brute is a monster in Crusaders of Might and Magic.

PC version Edit

Icon-Crusaders Dasher brute Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 30
Speed: Average
Experience: 50
Light: 100
Dark: 100
Bash: 20
Slash: 20

The dasher brute appears in Duskwood. It is a stronger version of the dasher scout, and wields a dasher weapon. It is immune to light and dark damage and slightly resistant to bashing and slashing attacks, but has no defense against elemental magic.

Players can use spells to slay them, or just charge in and cut them down. Dashers will only present a challenge if they manage to swarm the player, or if the player was already low on health.

PlayStation version Edit

"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Icon-Crusaders Dasher brute Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 400
Strength: 60
Level: 4
Experience: 1600
Treasure: 70 gold
Earth gem
Healing potion
Normal: 55
Fire: 60
Air: 60
Water: 60
Earth: 60
Mind: 40
Spirit: 100
Body: 40
Light: 60
Dark: 60

The dasher brute also appears in the PlayStation version. It is stronger than the dasher scout, but weaker than the dasher ranger.