Darkstorm is a minotaur hero from Heroes III and Heroes IV.

Background Edit

Heroes III Edit

Darkstorn challenged his way through the ranks of warriors of Nighon, secretly using magic to ensure he won each battle. Once in a position of power, he finally revealed his true powers. None have challenged him since.

Heroes IV Edit

Darkstorm has proven time and again that any who challenge him meet a quick end. He continues to be a dangerous and powerful presence in this new world where his reputation precedes him like the dark clouds before a thunderstorm.

Gameplay Edit

Heroes III Edit

Darkstorm is a Warlock of the Dungeon faction. His specialty increases the effect of his stone skin spell.

Heroes IV Edit

Darkstorm is one of the 28 heroes belonging to the Sorcerer class. He is associated with the Asylum town.


Darkstorm appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV, though in the former, his name is spelled Darkstorn.

Gallery Edit

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