For other uses of the term, see Dark Lord.
"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Icon-Crusaders Dark lord (CoMM) Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 800
Strength: 65
Spells: Lightning
Mana Shield
Undead: Yes
Level: 11
Experience: 12100
Treasure: 490 gold
Healing potions
exploding gems
Normal: 65
Fire: 75
Air: 75
Water: 85
Earth: 75
Mind: 75
Spirit: 75
Body: 75
Light: 60
Dark: 100

The dark lord is a monster in the PlayStation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is a member of the Legion of the Fallen. It is one of the strongest non-unique monsters in the game, tied with the dark mage.

Dark lords are commonly armed with a warhammer, carry a tower shield, and drop 490 gold, healing potions, and exploding gems when defeated.

They are immune to dark damage and highly resistant to water, but not as well protected against light and normal damage.

These are an extremely powerful form of Twice Born that are capable of casting dark magic. They have absorbed the souls of those they have conquered, thus empowering them with the life force of multiple beings and heightening their potential to perform spells and work malice. Known variations include Dark Mages, Dark Warlords and Dark Masters.OffBck