The Dark Priest is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, based on Life Magic and Death Magic. A Dark Priest hero gains Vampirism: for every 2 HP of Damage inflicted to the enemy in close combat, 1 HP is recovered.


The Dark Priest is most likely to learn Life Magic and Death Magic and fairly likely to learn the Order Magic, Chaos magic and Nature Magic skills. Non-magic skills can also be learned when leveling up, but have less chance of appearing for selection.

Comments Edit

If you can manage to meet the requirements, this advanced class is a very good promotion, especially if combined with Grandmaster Combat and Melee.

A good hero can regain health as quickly as the enemy creatures are taking it away.

Alita Eventide, the main hero of the A Matter of Life and Death campaign from The Gathering Storm, is a Dark Priest.

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