Dagar is a hero in Trial by Fire.


Dagar is the last offspring of a long and prestigious line of Crimson Wizards which started with Agar, one of the creators of the original Beastmen. Agar was known to be rather eccentric, and while most of his descendants fortunately didn`t inherit their forefather`s madness, it has returned in full force with Dagar. Powerful and dangerous, Dagar is breaking all the laws of House Chimera in his insane quest to surpass his ancestor`s achievements.OffBck


Dagar is a Wizard.


Hero Trait
Rakshasas Rakshasa Officer
Increases the production of Rakshasas and Rakshasa Rajas by 2/week in the area of control.OffBck


Dagar appears in the Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.

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