Icon-H3X1 Cyber-dead Icon-H3X1
Faction Forge
Tier 2
Upgraded No
Dwelling Slaughterhouse
Size 1x1

Cyber-dead artwork

Cyber-Dead were second level, non-upgraded units originally set to become playable as Forge units in Heroes III: Armageddon's Blade. The Forge was scrapped, although an image of the Cyber-Dead was unveiled at E3 of May 1999.


Nothing is known regarding the Cyber-Dead statistics or their recruitment costs, although they occupied only one hex, and could not fly. They were produced in Slaughterhouses, and could be upgraded to cyber-zombies.


As their name and appearance implies, the Cyber-Dead were necromantically-risen Walking dead infused with cybernetic enhancements, most prominently a chainsaw-like arm.

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