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Cult of the Spider is a Rescue the Princess scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter monks and nasty spiders.

Description Edit

The Evil followers of the Spider Queen have kidnapped the Princess, and plan to use her as their next sacrifice!OffBck

Good team Edit

Enter the compound of the Spider Cult, find where the Princess is being held, and escort her to safety. Beware, the forces of Evil are believed to be working with the Cultists!OffBck

Evil team Edit

You have managed to kidnap the Princess, now you must fend off the rescue attempt by the forces of Good. Defeat the rescue party quickly, for the sacrifice ceremony must begin by sundown!OffBck

Gameplay Edit

In the center of the map is the spider cult's temple. The princess can be found in a cage inside the temple. The good team starts outside the temple's walls, near the carriage that the princess must be transported to, while the evil team starts in a small room behind the temple.

The temple doorways are covered by spider tapestries which players can see through from the inside, but not the outside. This makes it possible to set up ambushes near them.

Good team Edit

The good team have three paths they can take into the temple:

  1. The main gates. This is the most obvious route, but if the "Monsters" option has been turned on, they will face many nasty spiders. The players will also be easy targets for the evil team, if they have managed to get into sniping positions.
  2. The ladder on the leftmost building to reach the roof, then leap across to the other side of the wall. By walking on the ledges, the players can reach the back of the temple.
  3. The tunnel behind the carriage, which takes the players near the temple's backdoors.

Evil team Edit

The evil team can either defend the temple and prevent the good team from rescuing the princess, or head for the carriage to stop them from taking her to safety. It's also possible to lead the princess somewhere else, making the good team waste precious seconds searching for her.

If the good team head straight through the front gates, the evil team can attempt to reach the temple first and snipe at them from windows. If the good team are stuck in a choke point, a few well-placed volleys can do a lot of damage.

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