"You arrive just in the nick of time to stop a drunken soldier from smashing his Crossbow over a rock. "They can't fire me! I quit!" he shouts at you. "Yes, uh, wouldn't it make them REAL angry if you gave someone like me your weapon instead of breaking it?" Agreeing, the drunk gives you his Crossbow.Crossbow"

The Crossbow itself is one of the weakest artifacts in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, giving just +3 ranged attack. However, it provides ranged attack to heroes who don't know Archery.

Heroes without Archery will have a Ranged Attack of 10 when using the Crossbow, making it act like an improved Basic Archery. It is an useful artifact, but should the hero learn the skill it becomes redundant.

Heroes with Archery will appreciate the removal of range penalties only while they hold the skill at basic expertise, because the penalties are removed as soon as their proficiency with Archery increases.

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