The Crimson Raptor is a ship that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist.

Sendark attacked the fleet of the Six Shards shortly before his strike on Soronne, and the Crimson Raptor was the only ship left. The commander of the fleet, Captain Jarrell, knew that attacking Demero with a single ship was suicide, so he decided to sail out and find Fahd Mandel and Commander Lenik, the traitors who had helped Sendark attack Soronne. He hoped to prevent the two men from using a magic fountain to achieve godhood. Jarrell also wanted to rescue Lissella and Devlin Morely, who had been taken prisoner.

Praz-El, Telop Vine, River, Noleta Mareldi, and Alagar accompanied him, as did Xarfax and his soldiers. They knew that the two traitors were heading to the Isle of the Dead, so they decided to shorten their journey by sailing into the Sea of Mist.

In an attempt to stop them from reaching their destination, Sendark sent a flock of undead ospreys to attack the ship. Many of Jarrell's sailors were killed. During the combat, Praz-El was taken by the Mist and sent to a far-away land. Here, he met the dwarf Clancy, who had known Praz-El's mother when the warrior had been a baby. Praz-El knew little about his own past, and tried to ask for more information, but the dwarf refused, proclaiming that the knowledge would do him more harm than good.

Praz-El was then taken by the Mist again and sent back to the Crimson Raptor, where he managed to take down the last of the ospreys. Devlin Morely then used his magic to appear to Noleta and helped her steer the ship on the correct course. Sadly, Mandel realized what he was doing, and killed him.

A new ship appeared, and the zombies aboard threw grappling hooks at the Crimson Raptor in an attempt to board them. Telop was mortally wounded, and Praz-El tried in vain to heal him. When Telop died, Praz-El realized that his powers came from Darkness, so he was ill suited for healing. With this new knowledge, he cast a spell that destroyed all the zombies and tore their ship to pieces. Right after this, the ship crashed on a beach, and they realized that they'd reached the Isle of the Dead.

Jarrell's sailors started to repair the ship while Jarrell and the others entered the caverns and battled the traitors and their guards. River was killed, but Praz-El managed to destroy the magic fountain and stop the villains. They fled back to the ship.

Captain Jarrell then decided that, to combat Sendark, he would sail to the northern nations and raise an army to drive him away from Soronne. Most of the others agreed to join him, but Praz-El decided to head to Murlank and learn more about his past.

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