Crime And Punishment is a quest of Necropolis playthrough in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


Tarek is displeased the hero has defiled his orders and demands Yorath's capture. Yorath refuses to be handed over, so Tarek faces the hero, using his cursed skeleton archers, soul seekers and prison overseers to battle hero. Once the hero defeats his army, Tarek comments how he could've let the hero become his ally, promising he'd have the hero chained. Tarek has his champion join in the battle with some other troops, with Tarek serving as the hero. In that second stage, the remaining forces of the hero continue to battle; the champion must be defeated to proceed. Once done, Tarek disappears and the fighting in the prison is stopped. Without further ado, the hero and Yorath have to cross the gateway to Nar-Heresh.