The Cook is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright. He was a massive man with a large stomach and blunt fingers, and worked on the caravan that transported Diligence from The Wheel to the Unseen Wall. His name was never revealed.

Showing a flair for invention, the cook often strived to combine exotic ingredients from the areas they passed through, with the standard fare from the Wheel. The members of the caravan considered themselves quite lucky for having him there.

The cook shared a wagon with the young scrivener Alacrity, and with Hitch when the latter joined the caravan. During their journey, the cook became good friends with Hitch, Diligence, and Alacrity, sharing some of his favorite creations with them, but he showed a particular fondness for the melancholy young scrivener.

When Alacrity was found murdered during their stay at Paddifraw's Repose, the stout man took the news harder than anyone else in the caravan, and wailed like it was his own son that had been cut into pieces. Hitch spent most of the day in Diligence's wagon, letting the poor man grieve in peace.

Shortly after they left the ramble house and entered the Blasted Lands, the caravan was ambushed by Dubiel's soldiers. Most of the group was slain, including the cook.