The Commander is a character who appears in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. He acts as the player's avatar, and thus is never seen in-game, though is frequently mentioned.

In Heroes II, he canonically acts as Roland Ironfist's leading general and military advisor, though the player can also choose to support Archibald. Notably, both campaigns in Heroes II allow the player to switch sides, so it is possible that the Commander was a former Archibald supporter who defected to Roland's side. He is the subject to whom the mission briefings and most text events are addressed. Though not canonical, if the player invades the realm of the Dwarves in Archibald's campaign, the Commander may earn the nickname "Dwarf-Bane".

In Heroes III, the Commander returns, commissioned as a general under Catherine Ironfist. He is the unseen protagonist of all scenarios in the Long Live the Queen, Liberation and Song for the Father campaigns. It is possible that he is the unidentified soldier seen on the Erathian fleet in the opening of the intro, who hands Catherine the spyglass.

The Heroes III manual is prefaced by a correspondence between the Commander and Wilbur Humphrey (to whom he is a friend), who is complimentary of his character and abilities. It also reveals that he is Enrothian-born, and had never visited Antagarich prior to Heroes III.


  • The Commander is literally the last character in the Heroes series to act as a non-playable avatar for the player - since the final scenario in which he has played this role, For King and Country, every successive campaign in the series has featured playable heroes as protagonists.


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