Code 0-0-1 is a code programmed by the Ancients into C.O.R.A.K. and S.H.E.L.T.E.M. Guardian modules. It causes these modules to self-destruct in a flare of metaphysical energy, and is invoked when one of the Ancients' agents speaks the command "Initiate self-destruct! Code 0-0-1!"

Corak the Mysterious and Orango Seventeen attempted to use the code on Sheltem the Dark during Sheltem's Jailbreak. Sheltem, however, had deactivated his auditory receptors, and was not receptive to the command.

Later, on the Darkside of Xeen, in Castle Alamar, Corak proclaimed the code, sacrificing himself after losing a heated duel with Sheltem. The resulting destruction tore a hole in the aster, destroying both of the Guardians and ending Sheltem's rampage.

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