Icon-MM6 Cobra Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 17
Armor Class: 10
Special attack: Poison1x5
Damage: 1D3+6
Attack Speed: 70
Primary attack: Physical
Secondary attack percent: 20
Secondary attack: Poison
Secondary damage: 2D6
Level: 5
Experience: 75
Treasure: 5% chance for a first-level artifact
Poison: Immune

The cobra is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Its stronger versions are the king cobra and queen cobra.

Cobras can poison their target with their attack. They usually do 1D3+6 physical damage, but have a 20% chance to do 2D6 poison damage instead. They can be encountered in the abandoned temple, Temple of Tsantsa, and Temple of the Moon.