Clomden was warlord Hundric's main citadel, the place that witnessed his great feasts. Also being Hundric's hometown, it was the place where he barricaded after losing the invasion against the alliance led by Barbarian King Waerjak.

In order to recover the army lost in the aforementioned conflict, Hundric started to work his slaves to death, most of them being defenseless Barbarian women and children captured by the warlord. This was a period when the town was known to have stinking, fly-infested pits outside, where the bodies of the dead slaves were stacked.

These atrocities didn't lasted long; Waerjak marched his armies into Hundric's land and vanquished the warlord in battle. After Hundric was defeated, he begged for his life and was threw in Clomden's prison, where he was later assassinated by one of Waerjak's captains, Daeric.

After the death of Hundric, the town of Clomden was rebuilt from it's state of poverty and given to the Boar's Horn tribe.