"A cleric can use chain mail or any lighter armor, and can carry a shield. Weapons are restricted to club, mace, flail, staff and/or great hammer. A cleric may not use missile weapons. At higher experience levels, a cleric gains the ability to use higher level spells."

The Cleric is one of the six classes in Might and Magic I. Clerics can wield blunt weapons and shields, and wear light armor, but are more useful for their ability to cast spells. Their spell level is calculated by this formula: (Experience level + 1) / 2, with a maximum of 7.

For the spell list, see Cleric (MM1)/Spells.

To become a cleric, a character must have a personality score of at least 12. The base hit point growth of a cleric is between 1 and 8 hit points per level.

Serena is the pre-made cleric character in the game.

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