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The southern gates

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The northern gates

Chateau Escape is a Warlord Escape scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. The good team has the warlord. Players can encounter orcs.

Description Edit

Baron Von Ungo is known to take frequent extended vacations to his Pleasant Valley chateau. Thinking to finally overthrow the Baron, the forces of Evil have crept onto the grounds of Von Ungo's estate, waiting for the dawn to launch their attack.OffBck

Good team Edit

The Baron represents the last defender of Good in the Kingdom. You must see him safely away from the chateau!OffBck

Evil team Edit

It's a wonder no one ever thought of this plan before now. For years now the Baron, though known for his laziness, has been the only voice becrying the plight of the people. Here is finally your chance to silence him once and for all.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This is a relatively small map, consisting of the baron's chataeu and the surrounding area. The good team start inside the chateau, while the evil team starts on the road outside the outer wall. There are two places where the warlord can escape: the gates at the northern end of the road, and the gates at the southern end.

Good team Edit

There are many ways to leave the mansion: through the front door, through the back door, or by sneaking out of one of the windows. If the warlord was a sorceress, they can climb up on the roof and use the sunray wand to pick off the evil team.

By climbing onto the roof, the players can make their way towards the outer wall, then the warlord can head for the exit while the others takes on the evil team. It's also possible to sneak around the building, or just go through the front door and run. If the "Monsters" option has been turned on, the southern exit will be guarded by orcs, and there will be orcs outside the mansion.

Evil team Edit

There are two openings in the wall to the mansion. The team can either rush in through both at once, attacking the good team as they leave the mansion, or stay near the wall and attack the warlord as he heads for the gate. The southern gates require the warlord to cross a bridge across the river, which can be an excellent place for an ambush.

The evil team should leave the orcs near the southern gate alone, as they will present an extra challenge for the warlord, and the team can ambush him while he's fighting the orcs.

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