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These are the different types of character status that can affect the party in the Might and Magic RPGs.

Unconscious Edit

Unconsciousness occurs when a character's hit points go below zero. An unconscious character will not be able to fight or do anything at all. It can be cured by casting a healing spell, thus bringing the current hit points over zero, visiting a temple, or simply resting and healing.

Eradicated Edit

Characters struck by extremely strong monsters, causing their HP to drop so far below zero that it passes both unconsciousness and death will gain the status "eradicated", and the character portrait will be replaced by a skull on a bright red background. Eradicated characters have their bodies destroyed, and thus, most of their equipment. This can be cured by the Spirit Magic spell Resurrection.

Poisoned Edit

A character who is struck by poisonous units such as spiders and cobras will be inflicted with the Poison status. Their face will turn green, eyes will swell, and the mouth will partly open. The only way to fix the status problem is to cast the Body Magic spell Cure Poison, or visit a temple. It cannot be cured by resting, and all stats will be decreased until it finally is cured. When resting with the poison status, the character will start the new day with 20% hit points, regardless of the amount of hit points the character had before resting. Poison status shares many similarities with the diseased status.

Diseased Edit

A character struck by certain monsters such as bats, rats, werewolves and devils will become "diseased". The status can also be gained by messing around in trash heaps and sewer grates. The face of a diseased character is exactly the same as the poisoned face, but it is a little more yellow in color. It is similar to the poison status, it also decreases all stats, and only 20% of the hit points will be present after resting. Ways of curing it includes the Body Magic spell Cure Disease and visiting a Temple.

Insane Edit

When inflicted with insanity, the character will, on their portrait, have their eyes wide open with a sinister look, as well as mucus and saliva dripping from their wide open mouth. The condition will actually increase might and endurance, but will decrease all other stats. Insanity will also prevent spell points from regenerating when resting.

Afraid Edit

Afraid characters will have have their intellect, personality, and accuracy lowered by 50%, but their might and speed is increased by 20%. It can be cured by a Remove Fear spell.