The champion is the alternate upgrade of the Cavalier, the sixth-level creature of the Haven town, in Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East.

Fanatics who have sworn personal oaths of loyalty to Saint Isabel, the Champions are large and heavily armored units. Their favourite tactic is the charge, where they bring down all their impressive weight upon their hapless enemies.OffBck *

Nothing holds greater fear for infantry troops than a heavy cavalry attack. Rampaging their way through armed ranks, trampling enemy soldiers underfoot, Champions strike down all who stand in their way with their mighty weapons, and always prevail on the battlefield.OffBck *

It has higher damage and lower defense than the paladin, and the Champion Charge lets it do even more damage. It lacks Lay Hands, however, and is not immune to Frenzy, so the potential for damaging friendly creatures exists.


  • Large Creature - This creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.
  • Jousting - Creature gets a 5% bonus to damage it inflicts during attack for each tile it covered on the battlefield before the attack.
  • Champion Charge - If this creature has walked more than 2 tiles when attacking, it also inflicts half-damage on the stack standing in the line of attack immediately behind the primary target.


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