The Centaur Stables is a creature dwelling of the Stronghold in Heroes IV. It is one of the most basic structures that can be built in a Stronghold, and in many cases a town starts with this structure already erected.

Requirements Edit

Like all dwellings (and most buildings), the Centaur Stables can only be built if the Fort was constructed beforehand. The building itself is very cheap, costing only 1,500 IconGoldIV, and has no other prerequisite.

Most towns start with the Centaur Stables already built, but when your town doesn't have the structure from the beginning, it is recommended to construct it early. The services of the troops you will enlist at the Stables will prove very useful.

Effect Edit

The Centaur Stables provides 9 centaurs per week.

Centaur Stables can also be encountered on the adventure map. These structures work the same like the in-town variants, and provide Centaurs for recruitment. The number of creatures grow daily, and can be recruited either by sending an army (hero or creature) or a caravan to pick the troops.

It is strongly advisable to recruit Centaur often and not let them accumulate in an external dwelling, because an enemy can very easily flag your structure and recruit the creatures; the unrecruited Centaurs will not defend the Stables. Additionally, it is always the risk that wandering monsters will move near to your dwelling (wandering monsters have a tendency of guarding structures, even if those structures are owned by a player). This will make it more difficult to recruit creatures, as any unit can block a caravan.

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