Cedric Druthers was a background character in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. As the leader of the miasmic Celestial Order, a foul union of nature-bending Druids based in Enroth, he orchestrated the corruption of The Monolith and was involved in the breeding of the werewolves that terrorised the city of Blackshire. The Order, affiliated with the kreegans and the Temple of Baa, was based in one of the Temples of the Moon.

While never encountered or seen in game, Cedric played a background role and was often mentioned by Enrothians, predominantly in Silver Cove. His fate during and after the events of the game thus remains unknown, but he was possibly imprisoned or slain by Prince Nicolai Ironfist or his loyalists in the years that followed The Hive's destruction.


...remember that our goal is to become the sole druidic order in Enroth. Nothing can stand in our path as we attempt to cleanse our ranks and remove all opposition. To this end we will use both the Monolith and what we can find in this old Temple of the Moon to undermine the power of Loretta and her druids everywhere. We must endure our hardships to grow stronger.OffBck


While unrelated politically and geographically, Cedric and the Celestial Order bear parallels to the Demonologist Hexis and his evil sorceress minions on Axeoth.


Cedric is mentioned only in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.