Lord Caomham is a character that appears in the Dragon's Blood campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. He was one of the lords of Nighon that fought against Mutare when she tried to claim the Vial of Dragon Blood.

Biography Edit

Lord Caomham and Lord Preuet, described by Mutare as "two young and hungry lords", sensed weakness in the aging Lord Ordwald and simultaneously launched their attacks on his lands. Mutare decided to enter the conflict as well, hoping to take out all three lords. Lord Caomham's forces took control of Harpy's Rock, one of Ordwald's castles, and tried to defeat Preuet and Mutare.

Mutare managed to drive the two lords out of Ordwald's lands, but learned that the aging overlord had entered the deeper caverns of Nighon to search for the fabled Vial of Dragon Blood. While preparing to follow him, she learned that Preuet and Caomham had also learned of the vial, and would certainly try to follow her and attack her when she was unprepared. She took a small force to the entrance of the Deep Caverns, preparing to drive the two lords away.

Lord Caomham's forces captured the castle known as Fetid Cavern to use as their base of operations. While the two lords might have stood a chance if they had worked together, they spent as much time fighting against each other as they did against Mutare.

As Mutare defeated the two lords on the battlefield, she learned from her scouts that Preuet's and Caomham's lands were being overrun by the other Nighon lords, sealing their defeat.