The Buccaneers' Lair is a guild in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. The party can join it to learn some basic non-magical skills. Like most guilds in the game, it has two guild halls.

To join the guild, the party must buy membership from Hejaz Mawsil or Arthur O'Leery.

New Sorpigal Edit

One of the guild halls is located in New Sorpigal. The guildmaster is Hermit, who teaches the basic dagger, merchant, identify item, perception, and disarm trap skills for 150 gold.

The northern side of the guild has a secret entrance to the Shrine of the Gods in Dragonsand, but the party must have the fly spell to reach it.

Mist Edit

The other guild hall is located in Mist. The guildmaster is Rob, who teaches the basic leather armor, diplomacy, identify item, perception, and disarm trap skills for 200 gold.

Gallery Edit

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