"You see a man building the foundation for a cabin. "You look like an adventurer to me", he says as you step up. When you tell him that's just what you are, he hands you a dirty and worn pair of boots. "Here", he says, "I dug up these Boots of Travel a few days ago. I have no need of them, so I guess today's your lucky day!""

The Boots of Travel is a great artifact that greatly improves the speed of the army. The fact that it increases the movement points by 50% means that the army virtually gains a free turn once every two days.

Comments Edit

Please note that this has a different effect on other heroes in the army: It brings up their movement to par with the hero wearing the Boots of Speed (o), therefore, if a hero with no scouting skill wears them, and another hero in the army has grandmaster Pathfinding, the boots will have absolutely no effect on the hero with Pathfinding. Therefore, always make sure to give the boots to the hero who initially has the most movement (usually the one with the highest Pathfinding level).

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