Blur is a first-level Order Magic spell that costs two spell points and obscures a target's true position, increasing its Ranged Defense by 50%.

A good archer has steady hands and keen eyesight. The hands are remarkably difficult to influence, unlike the eyes, which sit there at the front of the mind.OffBck


An excellent spell to use when opposing ranged creatures, and completely useless against spellcasters and melee attackers. This spell can also be cast by the Mage, the second-level Academy creature.

Blur is especially effective when cast on creatures that occupy your seige towers when defending your towns. These creatures already get a defensive bonus by virtue of their position - casting Blur on them boosts this bonus to even greater heights.

Spell CombosEdit

  • Blur + Displacement: Two first-level spells that work great together. Blur one stack, then use Displacement to position it to screen another of your stacks from enemy shooters. This saves the screening stack's action that round, or gets it into screening position before it would normally get a chance to move.

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