Lord Bloth was a sorcerer appearing in the Servant scenario of the Price of Peace campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Lord Bloth was particularly found of black dragons. This fondness grew to the level where he sworn to protect their Graveyard, a place where Black Dragons headed to when they felt their long life comes to the end.

Background Edit

The Hatcher Edit

Lord Bloth constructed a citadel and took dragons eggs to hatch them and raise the beasts as loyal troops. With the aid of his reptilian allies, Bloth assembled the most powerful army in the region, and the local Necromancers, native to Deyja and having lost most of their forces in the Reckoning, tried and succeeded to befriend him, being too weak to wage war against the sorcerer.

Clash with Solmyr Edit

After securing all nearby territory as his own, the Hatcher returned to the training of Dragons, and would have probably continued to do it for a long period if not for a different threat: a genie named Solmyr sent by his Master to retrieve the bones of Black Dragons from the Graveyard. The bones were needed by Gavin's dwarven smiths to construct a new kind of golem.

Bloth felt Solmyr's presence long before the genie entered his snowy domain and started to fortify his fortresses (a theory states that Gavin himself let Bloth know of Solmyr's arrival in order to test his servant's strength). Hoping to avoid a conflict with the genie, Bloth sent him a bribing letter, promising to help the genie make up for his previous failure (and the one that caused Gavin's loss of trust in Solmyr).

The Genie refused the bribe, as even tough he considered his mission dishonorable, he was compelled to obey his Master. In the fight that ensured, Bloth was defeated even tough he fought fanatically to defend his dragon's sacred place. Captured alive and jailed, he refused to conduct his enemy to the graveyard, but Solmyr followed the fleeing Dragons to the searched spot. It is unknown what happened to Bloth after his defeat, tough it is very likely that Solmyr released him and marched away with his army, since the genie never wanted to fight the sorcerer in the first place.

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