"Creatures that never had eyes in the first place, like the troglodyte, are immune to Blind."
Blind is a fourth-level Order Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs eight spell points and causes an enemy target within the line of sight of the caster to become unable to take an action for 3 rounds. It is dispelled if the target takes damage.


Similar to Confusion from the Chaos magic school, Blind will stop an enemy stack in its tracks for three full rounds. Excellent for taking a key stack out of action during a crucial phase of combat, Blind also has a chance to be cast on the target of a unicorn attack.

Although attacking the blinded stack will cause the spell to be removed, it is possible to attack the creature on the third turn of the spell by waiting until the end of the combat round and attacking after the spell animation has happened the third time.

Blind is negated by the Helm of Seeing and has no effect on undead, mechanical, or elemental creatures. Troglodytes have immunity to Blind. The Crown of Enchantment can confer on the caster the ability to target some otherwise immune creatures with mind spells.

In the Equilibris mod, Blind is a third-level spell.

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