"I foolishly left the hospital wagons, donning armor and joining the battle. There I supported the troops as well as healed them."

Bless is a first-level Life Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two spell points and causes the target to inflict maximum damage.


A very good early buff spell, this is best cast on creatures with a high variation in their damage. Most life creatures have approximately the same ratio of min-max damage (2:3), but creatures from other alignments, such as Halflings and Sprites, benefit proportionally more from this spell.

Life units tend to have fairly uniform damage ranges, so this spell, while useful, is much more effective in the hands of a Chaos army. Fighting heroes and higher-level creatures tend to derive the most benefit from this spell.

You should cast this on your ranged creatures before melee creatures, as they are likely to attack earlier in the combat.

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