The Blazing Sands are an arid region of Irollan, and the ancient home of the emerald dragons.

The Emerald Ones Edit

In 951 YSD, during the fifth Lunar Eclipse, Irollan allied with the Knights of the Griffin Empire and the Wizards of the Silver Cities in the battle against the Demons, forming what was known since as the Gray Alliance.

The Alliance emerged victorious, and the combined forces of Elves, Men and Wizards pursued the Demons all the way to Kha-Beleth's prison. Alexei, King of the Griffin Empire, proposed to follow the retreating Demons into the Sovereign's domain and attempt to kill him once and for all. Without waiting for the consent of his allies, Alexei charged accompanied by his household Knights, but was not assisted by High King Alaron and Archmage Cyrus - the first hesitated, the former considered the plan suicidal.

Without the help of their allies and with the gates of the prison shut behind them, the Knights were quickly vanquished by the Demons, and Alexei was killed. The Emerald Dragons were disgusted by Alaron's weakness, and deserted Irollan that day.

For twenty years, nobody managed to find the Dragons within the Blazing Sands. During Queen Isabel's War, in 969 YSD, Findan was sent by Alaron in search for the missing Emerald Dragons, knowing that without their help, Irollan was lost. Findan left his king in the besieged capital of Syris Thalla and headed for the Blazing Sands, who were occupied themselves by Demons at the time. Findand managed to locate the whereabouts of the Emerald Dragons using the Obelisks scattered around, and by purging the Sands of their infernal occupants, he regain the trust of Irollan's former allies.

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