In Heroes III, the Blacksmith is a building available to all the town factions. Its costs and requirements are the same in all towns.

Requirements Edit

The Blacksmith costs 1,000 gold and 5 wood. It has no requirements. The Blacksmith is required for the City Hall.

Effect Edit

The Blacksmith produces and sells war machines. The type of War Machines produced depends on the town type. Each Blacksmith produces only one type of machine, except the Stronghold one, which has an upgrade - the Ballista Yard. This upgrade allows the selling of Ballistae, in addition to the already available Ammo Carts.

Town War Machine Cost
Castle Ballista 2,500 gold
Conflux Ballista 2,500 gold
Dungeon Ballista 2,500 gold
Fortress First Aid Tent 750 gold
Inferno Ammo Cart 1,000 gold
Necropolis First Aid Tent 750 gold
Rampart First Aid Tent 750 gold
Stronghold Ammo Cart 1,000 gold
Tower Ammo Cart 1,000 gold


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