Icon-Crusaders Black guard sentry Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 400
Strength: 60
Undead: Yes
Level: 6
Experience: 3600
Treasure: 150 gold
Throwing axes
Normal: 50
Fire: 60
Air: 100
Water: 75
Earth: 15
Mind: 60
Spirit: 60
Body: 60
Light: 60
Dark: 60

This form of undead creature is a Twice Born which has become a fanatical follower of Necros. They have disassociated their spirit from their rotting flesh and that spirit now inhabits a suit of magical armor. Though they cannot exist outside their armor, they are sentient beings that are both powerful and magical.OffBck

The black guard sentry is a monster in the PlayStation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is a member of the Legion of the Fallen. It is stronger than the twice born, but weaker than the black guard hero and the black guard master.

Black guard sentries are commonly armed with a longsword and throwing axes, carry a tower shield, and drop 150 gold and some throwing axes when defeated.

They are immune to air damage and highly resistant to water, but not as well protected against earth.