The berserker is a first-level Stronghold creature in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Berserkers attack in a frenzy with no thought of defense. They are so riled up, in fact, that they cannot be controlled during combat. At the earliest opportunity, they will charge the enemy.OffBck


Berserkers cannot be controlled. While powerful for their level, their insistence on charging into battle prevents the kind of battle tactics that players use to minimize creature casualties, and makes it very difficult to keep them from dying in droves in even simple battles.

Most techniques for protecting berserkers involve blocking them with tougher creatures, or slowing them with Quicksand. Their only saving grace, tactically speaking, is that while defending a town (that has a fort or better), they will wait behind the wall until the gate is breached.

Berserkers are necessary in the early-to-mid game, but once you can build a good stack without them, leave them in the fort for defense (where they are at least moderately well-behaved).

Abilities Edit

Two Attacks allows this creature to attack twice in melee combat. The second attack occurs after the enemy's retaliation.

A Berserk creature must attack or move to attack every turn. They cannot wait. They are also immune to all forms of fear.

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