Nature & Combat
Type Advanced class
Effect Summon Wolf +20% Bonus

The Beastmaster is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, based on Combat and Nature Magic. Beastmasters get a 20% bonus to the Summon Wolf spell.


The Beastmaster is most likely to learn Combat and Nature Magic and fairly likely to learn the Tactics, Scouting and Life Magic skills. Beastmasters cannot learn Order Magic or Death Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.


Definitely one of the worst advanced class bonuses. The "Summon Wolf" spell proves to be quite useless when other summoning spells are learned, such as any Summon Spell whichs invokes creatures above level 1. Even the "Summon Leprechaun" spell is better than "Summon Wolf", for it allows to summon some Leprechauns, who can first cast "Fortune" to any unit, and then attack any enemy stack, spending its retaliation.

This does not reflect on the actual class however, as Combat and Nature synergize perfectly to give you an extremely durable summoner. In this light, the bonus to Summon Wolf can be considered as merely a token/flavor bonus, mainly useful at lower levels.

Known Beastmasters Edit