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The Barbarian model

In Heroes of Might and Magic I, the Barbarian is one of the four hero classes, and one of the two types of Might heroes. The Barbarians are associated with the Plains town, and the members of this class are all males.

Being a Might class, the Barbarians start without a spellbook. They begin with 2 Attack, 1 Defense, 1 Spellpower and 1 Knowledge.

The Barbarian's special ability ignores all terrain penalties. This ability allows them to more easily launch surprise attacks or intercept enemy heroes on or from swamps, snow, and sand.

Skill developmentEdit

Level AttackSkillHeroesI Attack skill DefenseSkillHeroesI Defense skill SpellPowerHeroesI Spell Power KnowledgeHeroesI Knowledge
1 2 1 1 1
2  %  %  %  %

List of BarbariansEdit