Little is known of the Azure Dragon. It is both rare and mighty, thus few have seen it, and fewer still have survived its attacks. This powerful creature is not much bigger than most dragons, but is said to be capable of enduring prolonged physical attack. It is said those standing face-to-face with an Azure Dragon tend to freeze from pure fear.OffBck

The azure dragon is a subspecies of Dragon found on Enroth, appearing in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. They are statistically the most powerful creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic III, ranked at tier 10 and boasting exceptional attributes.

The azure dragons are recruited at Frozen Cliffs, and are exclusively equipped with the Fear ability. However, despite their exuberant statistics, they are only immune to magic spells level 1 to 3. Azures are armed with the highest innate attack, defense, health and damage of all Heroes III creatures, are capable of flight and a breath attack, and are particularly fast.

They are one of only three 10th-tier creatures in the game, ranked alongside crystal dragons and rust dragons, though easily more powerful than either. Incidentally, they are also by far the most expensive units in the Heroes series, costing an enormous amount of gold and mercury.


Native to Vori, the Azure Dragons typically dwelled in the frozen peaks of their homeland and the Bracada Highlands. Feared by the Green and Gold dragons, they were extraordinarily elusive and did not nest for long in any one region. The Azures were sentient, proud and protective, and occasionally joined forces with powerful heroes. Judging from their complexion and geographical location, they may have been related to the Blue Dragons.

Prior to the 1100s, the Azure Dragons were not known to participate in the affairs of civilisation. When Mutare drank from the Vial of Dragon Blood and assumed control over Nighon, she waged war against AvLee, and eventually rallied the Azures to her cause. They participated in the latter battles of the Clash of the Dragons.

During the Demon Wars, Dracon was responsible for leading an expedition to wipe out a large Azure population in the uppermost peaks of the Highlands, securing himself a position as one of history's greatest dragon slayers. While battling Kija's crystal dragons, Tarnum convinced the Azure nest native to Vori to aid his cause during the Race for the Sword.


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