Attack is a skill in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It increases the melee damage of the hero's creatures.

  • Basic Attack increases damage dealt by your creatures in melee combat by 5%.
  • Advanced Attack increases damage dealt by your creatures in melee combat by 10%.
  • Expert Attack increases damage dealt by your creatures in melee combat by 15%.

It also allows heroes to learn these abilities:

Basic abilities Edit


Archery Edit


Increases damage dealt by hero's creatures in ranged combat by 20%.


Battle Frenzy Edit


Minimum and maximum damage inflicted by each creature under hero's control is increased by 1. Especially effective for armies of low level creatures.


Tactics Edit


Increases the area in which the hero can rearrange creatures before combat by one row (unless the opponent also has Tactics).

Advanced abilities Edit


Cold Steel Edit


The hero enhances weapons of all troops in their army to strike with additonal ice powers (not available to Barbarians).


Excruciating Strike Edit


Improves the hero's attack ability. There's a 30% chance that an attack performed by the hero will deal double damage to a target (available to Barbarians and Demon Lords).


Flaming Arrows Edit


Ballista under hero's command negates enemy defense and deals additonal elemental fire damage. Destroyed ballista will be restored in hero's army after combat (available to all heroes).


Nature's Wrath Edit


All Sylvan creatures in Ranger's army gain +1 to maximum damage (available to Rangers).


Offensive Formation Edit


Attack of Dwarven creatures in hero's army increased when closed to each other on the battlefield (available to Runemages).


Power of Speed Edit


The Hero gains the spell Haste and casts it without spell point cost. In the expansions the ability instead gives hero the Mass Haste spell on advanced level (not available to Barbarians).


Retribution Edit


The troops led by the hero inflict additional melee and ranged damage if their morale is above zero (+5% for each point of morale) (not available to Demon Lords or Necromancers).


Stunning Blow Edit


Every standard hero's attack moves the target back along the ATB bar a little (available to Barbarians).

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