Asylum city(H4)

A full upgraded Asylum town.

The Asylum is the town type associated with Chaos in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


This town is led by Might heroes Thieves and Magic heroes Sorcerers. You will also meet Death knights, Necromancers, Archers and Druids in the local taverns.

Magic schools Edit

Creatures Edit

Level 1


Level 2 Medusa OR Minotaur
Level 3 Nightmare OR Efreet
Level 4 Hydra OR Black Dragon

Non-town creatures Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Pirate Evil Eye Goblin Knight (TGS) Megadragon (WoW)
Troglodyte Troll

Unique StructuresEdit

Asylum (H4)

Asylum towns (without Fort (west), Fort (north), Citadel (east), Castle (south).

  • Mana Vortex: Temporarily gives the hero twice their normal number of spell points.
  • Thieves Gauntlet: Increases the hero's Melee Attack by 3 and Ranged Attack by 2.
  • Battle Academy: Provides each hero with + 1,000 experience.

Town creatures
Bandit · Orc · Medusa · Minotaur · Nightmare · Efreet · Hydra · Black dragon
Other creatures
Troglodyte · Pirate · Troll · Evil eye · Goblin knight (TGS) · Megadragon (WOW)