Áslaug is a dwarf of Grimheim, the only daughter of Hathor Deepstrider Orlandsson. She appears in Trial by Fire.


Cold and unforgiving, Áslaug “Elfbane” is one of the fiercest commanders of the Dwarven armies. She was very young when the War under the Mountains started, and her oldest memories are memories of death and fire. Raised in the ways of the warrior by her widowed father, Hathor Orlandsson, Áslaug is more than capable of defending herself from any foe. Sadly, her violent upbringing has also rendered her incapable of showing affection or friendliness towards others. The only exception is her father, whom she loves fiercely.OffBck


Aslaug is a Warlord.


Hero Trait
Icon hs Marauder Marauder
The hero gains twice the amount of resources from plundering.OffBck


Aslaug appears in the Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.