Artificer is the class-specific skill for the wizards of the Academy faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

It allows the construction of artifacts that can be equipped by your units. The higher the skill level, the more attributes these artifacts can have Basic Artificer allows for 1 attribute, Advanced gives up to 2 attributes, Expert 3, and should Ultimate Artificer be acquired, the Wizard can have up to 4 attributes on the artifacts. The power of the artifacts is directly related to the wizard's knowledge skill.

  • Basic Artificer allows the hero to create creature equipment of the first level.
  • Advanced Artificer allows the hero to create creature equipment of the second level.
  • Expert Artificer allows the hero to create creature equipment of the third level.
  • Ultimate Artificer reduces the price of creating creature equipment by half.

It also allows Wizards to learn these abilities:

Consume ArtifactEdit


Special combat ability. Allows the Wizard to consume artifacts equipped on friendly creature to heal and resurrect it in combat.

Magic MirrorEdit


Every damaging or cursing spell cast by the enemy has a chance to be randomly reflected to some other target, including enemy units.

Mark of the WizardEdit


Special combat ability. The caster binds themselves to the target with Mark of the Wizard until the end of combat so that each subsequent spell striking that target has its effect doubled and costs as much mana as needed for this double effect. Moreover every spell striking another creature will affect this target as well. If there is not enough mana, the effect is not doubled.

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