Armageddon's Blade is an artifact from Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. It gives the hero +3 attack, +3 defense, +6 knowledge, +3 spellpower, and places the Expert level Armageddon Spell in their hero's spell book. All allied creatures become immune to the Armageddon spell when this is equipped.

A chaotic sword, infused with the power of the Kreegans, which enhances the wielder's physical and mental attributes, granting them the abiliity to summon an Armageddon spell which deals no damage to allied units.


Known Owners: Grand Forgesmith Khazandar, Xeron, Lucifer Kreegan, Catherine Ironfist, Gelu

When you pick this artifact on adventure map in Heroes III, the following message appears:

"Deep beneath the earth, you find a vault of the Ancients from before the Silence. Inside you find a sealed casket, deeply etched with dire warnings. Ignoring them, you break the seal. Inside, you find Armageddon's Blade."

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