The Arena is an adventure map structure found in Heroes II, Heroes III, Heroes IV, Heroes V, and Might & Magic: Heroes VI. In most games, all heroes who visit it can increase their primary skills, but each hero can only visit it once.

Heroes II Edit


The hero can choose to gain +1 attack, +1 defense, or +1 spellpower.

Heroes III Edit


The hero can choose to gain +2 attack or +2 defense.

Heroes IV Edit


The hero gains +3 melee and ranged defense.

Heroes V Edit


Like in Heroes III, the hero can choose to gain +2 attack or +2 defense.

Heroes VI Edit

Arena H6

Unlike in previous games, the arena in Heroes VI recquires the hero to defeat an army before they're given the choice of +2 Might Power and 150 (25 for campaign) Blood Reputation Points or +2 Might Defense and 150 (25 for campaign) Tears Reputation Points. Any creatures lost during the arena fight are restored to life after combat.

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