Arcas is a scholar that's mentioned in the official strategy guide of Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was killed after studying Necros' history.

Biography Edit

Arcas was a historian and scholar in Ardon. At one point, Celestia asked him to look into the nature and origins of Necros, the leader of the Legion of the Fallen.

Arcas discovered that, despite popular belief, Necros was not undead, but a living man who ate, slept, and breathed. He was, however, extremely long-lived, and seemingly invulnerable. On several occasions, Necros had walked away from blows that would have been fatal to anyone else. Once, one of the commanders of the Legion betrayed and decapitated his leader, who reached down, picked up his head, and reattached it while his other guards chopped the traitor to bits. Years later, one of the Legion's flying war galleons fell from a height of 3000 feet, crashing with a force that instantly annihilated the ship's undead crew. Necros walked out of the burning wreckage a few minutes later, and was soon picked up by another ship.

Arcas also noted that, 150 years ago, a skilled wizard and necromancer attempted to make himself stop aging, but accidentally made himself unable to die, even by violence or his own hand. He believed that this person was Necros. Arcas also found signs that the wizard had a collaborator or patron; a powerful, unscrupulous woman.

Shortly after completing his report to Celestia, Arcas was killed in a mysterious fire. No trace of the records he had collected were ever found.