Anduran is a figure in the backstory of the Might and Magic series, and the namesake of the Gate of Anduran, the Anduran Foothills and the Battle Garb of Anduran and its three components. In Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty, he is known as the only man who was known to wear solid gold armor.


In Dominion, a scenario included in The Price Of Loyalty, Anduran can be rescued from a jail located on the northern area of the map. He is an advanced level Knight, has some of the Battle Garb components in his possession and shares Sir Gallant's portrait.

In Last Hope, a campaign created by Timothy Duncan for The Price of Loyalty, Anduran is regarded as the "doddering fool" and "idiot" who stole credit from the hero Xander by later discovering his artifacts and renaming them in his own honor.