The woods themselves have risen to aid the Elves at war. Slow, but sturdy, the oldest Treants can entangle their enemies with their vines, roots, and creepers, and they have the additional ability to dig deep and root themselves, making them ever harder to defeat.OffBck

The ancient treant is the upgrade of the treant, the sixth-level creature of the Sylvan town in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

With a higher defense and hit points than the treant, it becomes even harder to take down. And with unlimited retaliation, as long as it's rooted, it becomes capable of dealing some damage. Just plant it down, and watch enemy forces throw themselves at it in vain.


  • Large Creature - This creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.
  • Enraged - This creature's Attack increases during combat when any stack of friendly units dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned on battlefield by magic). The increase is proportional to the killed stack relative power in the army.
  • Take Roots - When the creature receives the Wait\Defend command, it gets 50% bonus to Defense plus ability to retaliate after all enemy attacks until the next turn. If the hero has the Stand Your Ground ability, the Take Roots bonus is doubled to a +100% Defense increase.
  • Entangling Roots - Creature's attack entangles enemy with its roots and immobilises it. Creature can immobilise several enemies simultaneously, but the effect only lasts while the creature remains in direct contact with its victims.

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