Amanda is a character that appears in the New Beginning campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. She is Gem's mentor.

Biography Edit

Amanda was a sorceress, and Gem's teacher. Gem was plagued by terrible nightmares after her losses in the Second War of Enrothian Succession. Amanda suggested that she should go to Antagarich and find a first aid tent, which might help her through the healing process. This would also get her away from her bad memories in Enroth.

During Gem's stay in the Contested Lands, Amanda began visiting her in her dreams, asking her how she liked the continent. Gem realized that the dreams were real, and that Amanda was communicating with her by magic. Gem told her that she was growing very fond of the Rampart creatures.

During her travels, Gem sometimes encountered an old druid, who finally offered her to become one of them. Gem told him that she was already a sorceress, but the man told her there was no reason she couldn't be both. The next time Amanda visited Gem's dream, she told her mentor about the offer. Amanda told her it might be a good idea to join them, but to ask what oaths they would require.

The druid told Gem that each druid wrote their own oaths, and helped her write a set she was happy with. Gem asked Amanda to petition the other sorcerers for dispensation to join the druids. When the petition was approved, Amanda gave Gem a hug and told her that she thought this would be the "new beginning" she had sought in Antagarich.