Alita Eventide is the campaign hero for the A Matter of Life and Death campaign. The use of that hero requires The Gathering Storm expansion pack.

Background Edit

Raised as a priestess, Alita Eventide had always been intrigued by the mysteries of death. Despite the ever-present risk of succombing to darkness' temptation, she secretly dabbled in Death Magic, all the while maintaining a hold on her skills with Life Magic. When her dual studies were discovered, however, she was disowned by her family and cast out of the priesthood. She left her home to start a new life in Devonshire, but has never given up on her training in the ways of Life and Death.OffBck

Alita Eventide is a Dark Priest, and one of the heroes from Devonshire out to stop Hexis from ruining nature for his own gain. As she was already familiar with Life and Death Magic, she decided to find the Ring of Light and Cloak of Darkness, planning to use the artifacts against the mad wizard.

After reuniting with Allenvale, a childhood friend,[1] Alita battled against the forces of the Hand of Light, a cult devoted to Light magic. After invading their stronghold and aquiring the ring,[2] Alita entered the lands of the Death's Head cult, where she knew the Cloak of Darkness was located.[3] During the attempt to retrieve the Cloak, Allenvale was captured, but Alita managed to both free him and find the Cloak.[4]

She then made her way back to Devonshire, meeting up with the other heroes for the fight against Hexis. After battling through hordes of his minions, the heroes faced the magician himself, ultimately defeating him.[5]

References Edit

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