Alberon is a crusader and an antagonist in the Lambent Plains scenario of the Masters of Magic campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm. Being the possessor of the Angelfeather Cloak, he allied himself with the Barbarian rebel Oreha in order to prevent his rival Bohb from retrieving the Cloak.


Alberon is a Level 20 Crusader, equipped with the Angelfeather Cloak, the Sniper's Crossbow, the Breastplate of Regeneration and the Crusader's Mace. He is skilled in Advanced Tactics, Basic Offense, Basic Defense, Basic Leadership, Basic Combat, Basic Melee, Basic Archery, Grandmaster Life Magic, Grandmaster Spirituality and Grandmaster Healing.

Alberon knows the Bind Wound, Bless, Celestial Armor, Chaos Ward, Death Ward, Defender, Divine Intervention, Exorcism, Guardian Angel, Heal, Heavenly Shield, Holy Shout, Holy Word, Martyr, Mass Bless, Mass Chaos Ward, Mass Death Ward, Mass Exorcism, Mass Fervor, Mass Healing, Mass Nature Ward, Mass Order Ward, Nature Ward, Order Ward, Prayer, Regeneration, Retribution, Sanctuary, Song of Peace and Spiritual Armor spells.

Since the map's objective is to acquire the Angelfeather Cloak, and Alberon is wearing it, he must be battled and defeated.

Background Edit

Alberon was one of the five mages that took possession over one of the artifacts once worn by Nevar. After obtaining the powerful Angelfeather Cloak, he self-proclaimed him as Master of Life Magic.

When Hexis's rise to power threatened the entire Devonshire, the Archmage Bohb embarked on a quest to assemble all five of Nevar's lost artifacts so he could use them against the crazed Wizard. He allied himself with the Barbarian Violet to strengthen his forces. In response, Alberon cemented an alliance with Oreha, a rebel from Violet's clans. Traveling to Lambent Plains, the Bohb and Violet duo successfully defeated Alberon and Oreha, and retrieved the Staff from him.

In-game backgroundEdit

"Self-proclaimed Master of Life Magic."


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