Heroes III AirMagic
Heroes III AirMagicAdvanced
Heroes III AirMagicExpert

Increases the effectiveness of Air Magic spells cast by the hero.OffBck

The air magic school is one of the four schools of magic from Heroes of Might and Magic III. It is also a secondary skill that increases the effectiveness and lowers the cost of spells of that school.

Air Magic spellsEdit

For the spell list, see Air magic (H3)/Spells.

Air Spell Icons were created by New World Computing's Artist, Brian S. Kemper

Skill levels Edit

Advanced and expert air magic allows the hero to cast the spells at advanced and expert level, respectively.

Basic air magic lowers the cost of air magic spells: First level spells have their cost lowered by one spell point, second level spells have their cost lowered by two spell points, and so on. Advanced and expert air magic does not lower the cost further.

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